Available Positions

The Sheridan Police Department is currently accepting applications for the position of Peace Officer and Communications Operators.  Please contact Human Resource Director Heather Doke at 307-674-6483 or hdoke@sheridanwy.net for more information.  For our application, click HERE.

Our Mission

The mission of the Sheridan Police Department is one we strive to accomplish each day!

The mission of the Sheridan Police Department is to continuously evolve  while serving all people in our jurisdiction by preventing crime, protecting life and improving the quality of life.


To achieve our goals, the Sheridan Police Department will:

  • Reduce Property Crime by 5%

  • Reduce Violent Crime by 5%.

  • Reduce substance abuse

  • Reduce state 'reportable' motor vehicle crashes.

  • Reduce injury crashes by 5%.

We will work towards our goals through challenging and relevant  training, quality hiring and working with community partners.